Down on our Wisconsin farm, we are serious about having a good time. And for us, a good time means great food. Food brings people together in a way that nothing else can. For family and friends, in the kitchen, at the table or by the grill, a tasty bite can really get things going. Good food has been our business since 1976.

One afternoon in the kitchen, the Rose family was lamenting the lack of quality mushrooms available for them to use in the family restaurant. And then they had a vision. Their recipes could be exceptionally fresh and delicious if they just grew the mushrooms themselves! And that's exactly what they did. In 1976 Bill Rose and his son Eric founded the River Valley Ranch mushroom farm in the Fox River Valley in Burlington, Wisconsin.

In 1997, Eric established a commercial kitchen, producing artisan-quality sauces, dips, salsas and pickled vegetables, using Eric's own unique pickling process that ensures the best flavor and texture for each and every mushroom in the jar. The farm kitchen continues to cook up new recipes and our commitment to quality has continued to be the guiding principle for every product that is made in our kitchen.

Placing an emphasis on superior quality, River Valley Kitchens is committed to producing the healthiest and freshest possible products. We do not use any chemical preservatives or thickeners in our products and we feel that the freshness of the ingredients shines. We always welcome visitors at the farm and we love to show off our kitchen facility where our dedicated staff prepares each recipe and packs each jar by hand. So, come up and see us and be prepared to sample some great food from Wisconsin when you do. Enjoy!

You can always shop with us online, find us at local farmers markets or come visit us at the Farm Store! Just eight miles east of beautiful Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, we are located right off Route 50 and County Hwy P (about 75 miles north of Chicago, and 35 miles south of Milwaukee).

River Valley Kitchen Farm Store
39900 W. 60th Street (map)
Burlington, WI 53105